About the KidneyGuide

The KidneyGuide has been developed by the Dutch Kidney Patients Association (NVN) in collaboration with (para-)medical professionals and patients. Creapolis Media is responsible for the creative and technical realization.

We have given the utmost care to the evaluation of the video clips. In case of doubt, videos have been submitted to the working group that developed the medical guideline ‘Renal function replacement treatment, yes or no'. However, in some cases information may be out of date, incomplete or incorrect. For example, some topics are of a specific medical nature, while our editorial staff does not have a medical background, but consists of patients with experiential expertise. For this reason, NVN cannot be held liable for medical or other damage that could result from misinterpretation of the videoclips in the KidneyGuide.

It has been NVN's intention to highlight the content of the KidneyGuide primarily from a patient's perspective, so that (future) kidney patients can make a more balanced choice for the treatment that is most suitable for them.

The KidneyGuide is about peer stories, about the people behind the disease. Their stories are personal snapshots, instructive but subjective. So please always consult your doctor about medical issues!

The KidneyGuide has been realized with financial support from the program ‘PG Collaborates’ (PG Werkt Samen), the Dutch Kidney Foundation (Nierstichting)and Zilveren Kruis healthcare insurance.

Nierpatiƫnten Vereniging Nederland (NVN)

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