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Select the topics and treatments that are important to you.



  1. Tutorial KidneyGuide

    You are now on the 'Topics and treatments' page. Click on 'Start' if you want to know how this page works.`

    If you want to leave the tutorial, click on the ‘x’ in the top right corner of this text box. You can always return later. In that case click on the button ‘tutorial Kidney.Wise’ in the upper right corner of your screen.

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  2. Topics and treatments

    On this page you select the 'topics' and 'treatments' that are of interest to you. Don't overdo the number of topics! You can always come back and choose more.

  3. Your choice

    The topics and treatments you have chosen are arranged in the menu on the left.

  4. Animations

    Click on ‘Animations’ to find a page where all treatments are explained. The explanation is done through animations.

  5. Keywords

    Click on 'Keywords' to find all keywords referring to videos from Kidney.Wise. When you click on a keyword, you get an overview of all the videos that contain this keyword.

  6. Continue

    When you have finished choosing 'topics' and 'treatments', click on 'Continue'. You then go to the 'video page'.

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