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To give an impression of the Kidney Guide, we have subtitled some of the sequences.
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Hemodialysis (in-center, night)
Food & drink

It's best to eat ice lollies.

Peritoneal dialysis (daytime)

I was terrified.

Postmortem-donor kidney
Child wish and heredity

Think carefully about what you are doing.

Conservative treatment

I don't want to be be sick, pitiful and needy.

Hemodialysis (in-center, nighttime)
Holidays & travel

I have to take the early flight back.

Hemodialysis (home, nighttime)
Medication & side effects

I prefer to take medicines.

Postmortem-donor kidney
Sports & leisure

I have some problems with worn out knees.

Hemodialysis (in-center, daytime)
Energy & wellbeing

You have your freedom.

Hemodialysis (in-center, daytime)
Relationship with doctors

I have good conversations with my nephrologist.

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